Modern approach to surgical penis enlargement

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Modern life requires men to show their power and advantages. For many people, complexity prevents them from reaching great heights. One of the main complications of the male half of the population is problems of a sexual nature, a small penis. About 40-50% of men are satisfied with their penis size. From there, it leads to low self-esteem, psychological disorders and quite often leads to impotence.

Statistically normal length of the penis is between 13 and 17 cm. But most of the curvaceous man will answer that he wants his penis to be closer to 20 cm in length.

The available medical methods include several options for penis enlargement:

  • medical methods;
  • surgical intervention;
  • application of hardware methods.

In cases where the expected positive results from drugs and other penis enlargement methods are not obtained, or if you do not want the treatment for a long time, they use penis enlargement surgery.


Surgical intervention to increase the width or length of the penis. For a long time, penis enlargement surgery according to the classical surgical method has been performed, due to the release of its hidden part under the skin. Classic surgery requires careful preparation, a long recovery time, and potential risks of side effects. Such as the adhesion processes at the intervention site.

The modern procedure used to surgically lengthen the penis is known as a hysterectomy and is the most common and safest method. There is also a surgical technique of penis thickening using different exposure options. Two methods can be used simultaneously to increase the thickness and length of the penis.

Don't confuse penis enlargement surgery with plastic surgery. During plastic surgery, only shape and size change, but erectile function is disturbed, and there is no positive side other than size change. Therefore, before starting rhinoplasty procedures, it is necessary to consult a doctor and carefully select possible interventions.

Penis length increase

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The greatest amount of male dissatisfaction is related precisely to the length of the penis. Therefore, penile lengthening surgery by means of thymia ligament lengthening is the only method to quickly and safely lengthen the penis.

By the number of genital surgeries, she's at the top. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes no more than an hour. Indications for ligation:

  • the size of the penis is smaller than average (about 10-13 cm);
  • a man's lust, regardless of the original size;
  • Pathological conditions: foreskin stenosis, foreskin stenosis, congenital penile curvature, trauma.

The operation is performed in several ways: scrotum and pubic. Pubicectomy was used initially and unlike scrotum surgery, there will be traces after surgery, in the form of scars, and will last longer. Recently, the practice of transscrotal surgery has become more popular and this method is applied in many clinics to increase the penis surgically.

Preparing for surgery

Consult a doctor before penis enlargement surgery

As before any surgical intervention, thorough preparation for the surgery is required.

Possible contraindications, the possibility of using general anesthesia, the presence of atopic allergy to the drug are identified.

A comprehensive examination of the patient is prescribed, which checks the blood, liver, kidney and heart function. A consultation with an anesthesiologist is performed.

On the day of the ligament rupture, you must abstain from eating and drinking.

Requires a highly qualified physician. The cost of penis enlargement surgery is also very high. As a result, the penis increases by about 5 cm.

Despite the application of various methods, this activity is considered a risky business, which does not always yield the expected results.


Penile lengthening is based on making an incision along the midline suture of the scrotum or in the uterine region by pubicectomy. The length of the organ increases due to the release of the part of the penis hidden under the pubic bone. The empty space released during the operation between the inside of the penis and the uterus is filled by the connective tissue formed during the healing process. It is through this process that the penis can be increased in length.

The suture left at the incision site heals quickly and leaves almost no trace. All procedures are performed quite safely so that the vessels and muscles are not affected, erectile and reproductive function is not disturbed.

After the end of the surgical procedures, it is necessary to wear the traction device for 3 weeks, this is necessary to avoid the opposite effect. Without it, the unstrengthened connective tissue can return the penis to its original size.

stretching machine after penis enlargement surgery

An important point in the fixation of the effect is the use of an extender to further increase the size of the penis. Some clinics offer its use from the first day of surgery, but most doctors tend to use it 3-4 weeks after surgery. After ligation, the length of the penis increases by an average of 2-2. 5 cm, and when used together with the elongating device for 2-8 hours a day, the organ becomes 5-6 cm larger. . Its wear time varies within different limits, depending on the desired effect. The average application time is about 3-4 months. In the postoperative period, for at least 3 weeks, you should refrain from sexual intercourse and carefully monitor hygiene.

  • does not adversely affect male arousal function;
  • does not cause infertility;
  • does not affect urinary function;
  • practically no complications;
  • Pretty quick results.

It is possible to lengthen the penis by wearing a single lengthening device, but the resizing process should be long enough to increase the length up to 9 months. Furthermore, you will have to use this device from 9-12 hours per day. With this option, the member becomes 3-5 cm longer.

Penis enlargement

In addition to the guilt about the length of the penis, it is quite common for men to want to increase penis volume. The thickening procedure is somewhat more complicated, since the penis has a rather developed blood supply and encapsulation system. Therefore, the poor quality surgical intervention has the risk of leading to postoperative complications.

Before proceeding with all the necessary procedures, the man needs a thorough consultation with an experienced surgeon, urologist and anesthesiologist and a thorough examination.

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There are several techniques to thicken the penis. They are based on implanting different materials under the skin of the penis.

Differs in 3 main categories:

  1. Transplant a piece of the patient's own tissue. A piece of muscle is taken from the anterior abdominal wall and placed under the skin of the penis.
  2. Introduction of biological matrices from polymeric materials. A polymer block is implanted into the penis, allowing the patient's tissues to grow on their own, which will then take root in the organ.
  3. The use of fillers by injection. By injection, certain chemicals are injected into or into the patient's own fatty tissue, giving volume to the penis.

Men themselves also choose for themselves a more convenient and practical method of penis enlargement. Depending on the choice, the results depend on the volume and duration of the results.

A person's own tissue transplant was used as the first method. This procedure provides guaranteed, long-lasting results, including an increase in thickness. The transplanted tissue eventually becomes a full-fledged part of the organ, with a shared blood supply. The downside is that you should be wary of complications after surgery, limit sexual activity for quite a long time and need to be monitored by a doctor.

The most common method used by clinics is the culture of probiotic bacteria. Within a year, the matrix completely takes root, organ tissues grow in it, and an almost lifelong effect appears. You can have sex after 2 months.

The injection procedure is the safest for the human body. Time is minimal, the whole process is about half an hour. The recovery time is short: after 2-4 days, the man can actively have sex. But there are some downsides. The main thing is that the positive effect is quite short-term, lasting about six months. Next, you will have to go through many procedures to expand the agency.

Artificial parts

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In addition to deviations in length and width, there are a number of other anatomical features, including the curvature of the penis, its deformity. Indications for prostheses are the various injuries and birth defects a member has.

A surgical method called penile prosthesis is used. In addition to restoring the size and shape of the penis, erectile function can be restored, there is an increase in the length of the penis due to the implantation of a prosthesis.

Usually 3 types of prostheses are used:

  • rigid prosthetic limbs;
  • plastic prosthetics;
  • inflatable prostheses.

The first ones are the most convenient and simple. With rigid prostheses, there is a constant feeling of erection, which complicates an active lifestyle a bit. A more complex and realistic prosthetic is plastic. The penis has a natural position and thanks to the metal rod it has memory. The most popular and modern are inflatable prostheses. Allows you to use the stimulating or resting function.

A member, thanks to prosthetics, returns lost function to a sex life. Prosthetic methods are very common in men with pathological conditions of the reproductive system.